Book 1 Workshop Testimonials

Elise was a thoughtful, responsive, and inspiring teacher trainer. The learning space she created was comfortable and encouraging. She always seemed present, engaged, and accepting of feedback. I appreciated that she allowed conversations to continue when topics resonated deeply and that she valued attendees’ needs from the beginning.
— Claire Davis, viola and violin teacher in Tucson, AZ
My biggest “aha’ moment was when I saw some of the observation  students immediately applying what they learned in guided discovery. I was delighted by how this new skill really stuck with them once they figured it out on their own.
— Ann Nutter, Pennsylvania

 I have been working hard to adapt the Kaleidoscopes method to work for the school I am currently teaching at and my students LOVE it! I have trouble writing a long enough lesson plan because the kids are breezing through concepts and motions that took a full semester to teach before.
— Corissa Knecht, Chicago

Going through the movement building blocks helped me realize WHY my students can’t seem to understand some things I expect will be easy. These are INCREDIBLE tools!
— Corissa K., University of Arizona

Thank you so much, you have inspired me and created such a holistic approach that I believe can change the way music is taught. 
— D.R., University of Arizona

The thing I would change most about this course … I didn’t want it to end. 

— Ann Nutter, Pennsylvania

My favorite topics were the very practical step-by-step explanations of how you teach certain skills (ie. sight reading, bowhold, vibrato, etc.) – not only because your methods are very efficient and fun, but also because your reasoning helped me to understand more deeply the “why” behind the “how” in my own teaching.

This training was one of the most refreshing and inspiring trainings I have ever attended. This method takes Suzuki concepts not just one but many steps farther in detail, intentionality, and well-rounded musicianship. 
— CV

I have so much gratitude for your program and the wonderful gift it has given me.

Biggest take-away: the sheer JOY that comes from a child discovering new things, vs. the pressure of recreating something you were “told” how to do.  It completely shifts my focus as a teacher and how I deema lesson “successful. “Also – starting them in 3rd position! Brilliant ! Why haven’t I always been doing this! *face-palm*

— Vanessa M.

Elise’s workshop was an extremely valuable two weeks of training that educated and inspired me in a very holistic way. I’ve trained with her in the past and this course really helped to bring in everything in Kaleidoscopes all together to show its flexibility and effectiveness. I finished excited and recharged to return to my studio implementing all I can.
— Ernesto Garza Orpheus Academy of Music

Setting up a student for success in every single goal is what was so powerful! This is something that I believe strongly in and was so excited to find a violin method that has a way to do this at every step! I see how this setup gives them more musical and creative freedom which can lead to more long-term intrinsic motivation. 

— Nicole Ballinger, Vero Beach

Elise’s workshops are the result of passion, talent, effort and years of experience. Learning from her is a privilege and an inspiring opportunity to keep improving your teaching skills.
— Sara Miranda, Costa Rica.

Thank you for an amazing 2 weeks and all the new advices that I can’t wait to include in my teaching.
— Melisa Karic, violinist, University of Arizona

I really enjoyed all the movement building blocks. Experiencing them kinesthetically helped me understand how to teach them, and they also reinforced what I was taught/deepened my understanding of how the body moves.

Thank you thank you for this course! I cannot explain how much this has inspired me.
— K.B., Tucson

In Kaleidoscopes, Elise has merged high standards of violin technique with joy, self-discovery, and beauty in a thoughtfully organized and fluid way. I can’t wait to take all I’ve learned to better serve my students!
— Vanessa M.

What I appreciated most about the teacher trainer was her insight, articulateness, organization, flexibility, “beginner mind,” empathy, caring heart, expertise, openness to both learning and patient teaching, patience with answering participant questions, respect. That’s for starters.
— Sandra Layman, Violin and Viola teacher in Seattle, WA.

When I began this program I felt utterly detached from music. After completing the Book  1 workshop, I immediately signed up for the year long Practicum. The joy my students get from this approach is a true gift. It is absolutely cutting edge.

– Jessica Muisecke, Tucson, AZ

I’ve taken Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Workshop, the Book 1 practicum, and Book 2 workshop and can say without hesitation that they’re absolutely invaluable and life-changing.

— Ariana Straznicky, Connecticut

I’ve taken Kaleidoscopes Book 1 Workshop, the Book 1 practicum, and Book 2 workshop and can say without hesitation that they’re absolutely invaluable and life-changing.

— Ariana Straznicky, Connecticut

I’m already having fun with a few of my newer beginners. I had a 10-year-old student today who I have started using Kaleidoscopes with who said “This was so much fun! Thank you!” at the end of her lesson. 

— H.S., Minnesota

Your course has been amazing. So many new ideas and bringing them all together to help with different areas. It’s just what I needed!

— Emma Taylor, London, England

I am so excited and energized. I have always struggled with the turn the page method books, and often go on different paths to help meet the specific needs of a particular student, but then end up with gaps elsewhere.
I love how this allows for that very flexibility while still providing the very strong, concrete foundation. 
— C.H., Tallahassee

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